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The Parent Group

 The mission of TPG (The Parent Group) is to promote the philosophy and mission of The Child's Primary School while fostering a sense of community through parent participation and support for the school.

The primary goals of TPG are to Support the mission of The Child's Primary School and,

  • foster a sense of community and assist in maintaining an open communication line between parents, teachers, and staff of The Child's Primary School
  • coordinate fundraising activities and social events in support of The Child's Primary School
  • encourage parental participation in the school through an organized volunteer program

TPG values all its members and welcomes volunteers. TPG has a volunteer program that is designed to meet a variety of school needs and support the schools philosophy of community involvement. To meet that goal, all TCPS families are required to volunteer 20 hours a year. Volunteer opportunities that utilize the broad range of interests and talents of the parent community arise throughout the year. Volunteer opportunities include but are not limited to TPG Officer and Committee Chair positions, class room parents, field trips drivers, and helping in the library. Volunteers also serve at various events including the Halloween Carnival, the Thanksgiving Feast, the Jogathon/Silent Auction, and the Used Book Sale. This volunteer commitment can also be fulfilled by participating in TPG meetings and committees or responding to requests for assistance by the classroom parent. If parents are unable to meet this commitment, they may choose to "buyout" their volunteer hours at a rate of $10/hour.

To contact The Parent Group, please e-mail:

2014 - 2015 TPG Officers

Amy Lowry Dipti Babla
President Treasurer and Membership Chair

Kim Rockwell
Janessa Gruby and Amanda Quist
Secretary Auction Chairs

Ellen Engels and Philip Custer

Tiffany Mayes
Jogathon Chairs Volunteer Coordinator 

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