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Community Outreach

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Beginning in 2004 TCPS students have banded together to cause a positive change through their collaborative work. An all school assembly was held in the Fall of 2004 to launch an ongoing commitment to helping our students develop a spirit of philanthropy. During the assembly, TCPS students came together to talk about the meaning of community. This prompted a discussion about the responsibility of members of a community, and it was decided that we had a responsibility to help and support the concerns of all of our communities.

Since its beginning, TCPS students have continued philanthropic efforts by selecting a new organization or cause and committing themselves for a two year period.

This year, the school worked together to reach a monetary goal which would be donated to the Canton Patulup Primero Santo Tomas school in Chichicastenango, Guatemala.  Our donation will provide internet access for the primary and secondary students, as well as the surrounding community.  To support this worthy cause, our students will be raising money by:

  • Kindergarten and First Grade:  Collecting bottles for recycling
  • Second and Third Grade:  Neighborhood "Our Stand" lemonade stands
  • Fourth and Fifth Grade:  "Coffee Cup" morning coffee business
  • Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade:  Bake Sales and "The Student Store"
Some of our previous Community Outreach efforts have been:
  • Education:  The students of TCPS raised money to help children around the world obtain an education.  Each classroom researched opportunities to help children locally and globally and selected a charity to support.  The kindergarten and first grade class raised money for Pennies for Peace, the second and third grade raised money and supplies for Monarch School, the fourth and fifth grade class raised money for Ponheary Ly Foundation, and the middle school students raised money for Blue Tarp School.
  • Heifer International:  Raising money to buy animals for families in South America as a sustained method of healing the global problem of hunger
  • WE (Women's Empowerment):  A non-profit San Diego group that provides small business loans to the poorest women of the world, to tackle the problem of extreme poverty.
  • Focus on the environment, specifically addressing a clean and "green" San Diego. Through events and activities, students were able to create a positive physical change to their community.

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