An independent private school serving San Diego students in grades K-8.

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Classroom Blogs

Kindergarten Blog
First Grade Blog
Second & Third Grade Blog
Fourth & Fifth Grade Blog
PE Blog
Spanish Blog
Science Blog
Music Blog
Library Blog
Math Blog

Middle School Class Blogs

Grades 6-8 Math Blog
Grades 6-8 History Blog
Grades 6-8 Language Arts Blog

Classroom Google Sites (Login Required)

The Google Class Sites are meant for the parents and students of The Child's Primary School.  Within the Class Sites you will find homework assignments, important reminders, and additional classroom resources you can utilize at home.  Each parent and student were assigned a login and password to access these sites.  If you need assistance logging in, please e-mail Jim Price at

Please visit the Google Class Site webpage to access the TCPS Google Class Sites.

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San Diego Private School offering a premier academic and social-emotional program for students in kindergarten, elementary school, and middle school. TCPS students will experience a creative and dynamic academic experience which promotes individual success and a love for learning within a close-knit private school community. Our small class sizes, dedicated teachers, and creative academic program make TCPS the premier San Diego private school.


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