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What is The Big Event?

Every Year our students and staff present a special program known to all as The Big Event. This program focuses attention on one area of the curriculum and culminates a year's study. Even though the program spotlights one area of the curriculum, we integrate all areas of study-from math to language arts to art-into the final production. 

One of the rewarding elements of every event is the sense of community our children feel working in "cross-age" learning teams. Students from Kindergarten through Grade Eight work side-by-side, learning from and helping each other. These groups allow our Middle School students to develop their leadership skills and allow younger students the opportunity work with the older students. These groups allow our students to work together and come to know each other which enhances the sense of each student feeling as if they are part of the larger community that is TCPS!

Students and staff maintain the Big Event as a surprise until the day of the event. On the day of the event, the theme is announced and the crowd is welcomed onto the campus, which is transformed into a setting which highlights the theme of the event. The day of the event is educational, fun filled, and a day that our families and guests enjoy a memorable time together.

See some our past Big Event's below: 

BIG EVENT 2014: 71


(Soul of the Sea: Mural of the ocean and sunset created by students!)

This year's Big Event celebrated and focused on the study of an important part of our planet...the ocean! The title of this year's Big Event,"71", was selected because 71% of the earth is covered by the ocean! TCPS students spent two weeks in cross-age groups, to expand their study on oceanography and related subject areas. Students then created projects to demonstrate and reflect what they have learned and studied!

Some of the subject areas that students explored this year included marine life, harmful environmental concerns our ocean is facing, how technology has advanced ocean exploration, and the evolution of submarines, ships, diving equipment and underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROV's).

The BIG event was a BIG success this year! Each classroom displayed a different area of study of the ocean and included interactive activities. Halls were filled with interesting fun facts and life-size marine life projects! The Sea Camp of San Diego brought a touch tank and guests were able to touch, hold, and feel marine animals! Some of the marine animals included starfish, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, sponges, and more! Also on display, were the SeaPerch ROV's that the middle school students built. Guests were able to learn more about ROV's and SeaPerches as well as touch and test them! This year's Big Event undoubtedly demonstrated all that kids can do!

2013 Big Event: Greek Mythology

Click here to see how The Child's Primary School transformed into Ancient Greece for the Big Event of 2013!

2012 Big Event: "Can we talk?"


For more details about past events, click here

Past Events Have Included:

1985: The First Big Event, The Arts
1986: Once Upon a Time
1987: Life's Rhythms
1988: Jump for Health
1989: A City Grows
1990: A Continental Journey
1991: Science Symposium 
1992: The Child's Primary School Gallery 
1993: Season-ed Just Right
1994: Between the Evening in Print
1995: TCPS World Expedition '95
1996: Hear Ye, Hear Ye
1997: Sound Off
1998: Windows to Tecolote
1999: A Westward Movement
2000: The BIG Event
2001: 2001 and Beyond
2002: The #1 Big Event
2003: Come Together
2004: The Middle Ages
2005: Art Galleries
2006: Ancient Egypt
2007: GREEN
2008: T.hings O.n Y.our S.helf (TOYS)
2009: Counting by 10s
2010: The Daily Planet
2011: I <3 SAM (Science and Math)
2012: Can We Talk (Speaking Spanish)
2013: Greek Mythology 
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