An independent private school serving San Diego students in grades K-8.

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What parents are saying about TCPS
"My son LOVES this school! (How many 5th graders will tell you that?) And he is learning both academics AND how to study. He is..."
Hear what's being said about TCPS
Learn why one family drives over 100 miles every day

Hear from our current and alumni parents about the benefits of small class sizes here at TCPS!

A Premier Independent San Diego Private School since 1983

For over 30 years, hundreds of San Diego students have benefited from the
Child's Primary School's private school education. A well-rounded program
emphasizing a solid academic foundation to prepare students for
lifelong learning and academic success. Our program also enables  
students to develop fundamental social and educational skills in a 
nurturing environment.

Discover the keys to success and unlock the potential in your child today.

At TCPS, Your Child Will Experience...

  •       Class sizes no larger than 14 students.
  •       Strong personal growth with the learning of such life skills as interpersonal communication, problem solving, time management, critical thinking, advanced research and more.
  •       A chance for students to serve their community through school-wide community service projects.
  •       The academic and social foundation needed to graduate thoughtful, engaged students who attend academically-challenging high schools and colleges.

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Current Events
Current Events

Every year, the TCPS Parent Group organizes the Jogathon/Silent Auction, which is their primary fundraising event of the school year. The Jogathon supports enhancing our technology, modernizing our classrooms, providing additional educational opportunities such as school assemblies and providing financial aid to families that otherwise wouldn't be able to attend TCPS. The Jogathon enables TCPS to continue to provide an environment that ensures our students are well prepared to succeed in their future education.

To raise money, students collect pledges for..."

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San Diego Private School offering a premier academic and social-emotional program for students in kindergarten, elementary school, and middle school. TCPS students will experience a creative and dynamic academic experience which promotes individual success and a love for learning within a close-knit private school community. Our small class sizes, dedicated teachers, and creative academic program make TCPS the premier San Diego private school.


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