An independent private school serving San Diego students in grades K-8.

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"This is a small school in which each child is respected as an individual and respects, appreciates, and accepts their classmates, as well.  The staff..."
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Giving FAQ

Why does the school have to do fundraising, especially since I pay tuition? One of our underlying philosophies at TCPS is to provide an affordable private education to as wide a range of families as possible. We strive to keep tuition affordable so that families that otherwise might not be able to afford a private education are able to do so. This philosophy produces a wonderful array of families in our TCPS community.

How does fundraising work at TCPS? We raise funds through the joint efforts of the school and The Parent Group. Our primary fundraiser is the Annual Giving Campaign which takes place each November. We use this campaign to bridge the gap between tuition and the actual operating costs. In addition, we engage in fundraising from corporations, foundations, grant providers and alumni.

Can TCPS get extra help from corporations or foundations? Corporations primarily contribute to independent schools by matching their employees' gifts. Check with your company to find out if matching gifts are possible. Foundations generally contribute restricted funds for special projects only. Corporations and foundations are much more likely to support a school that has an enthusiastic parent body, supportive alumni, and generous grandparents. For this reason, 100% Annual Fund participation is critical. To those who have given in the past, as well as those of you who are new donors, our sincere thanks for your continued support of TCPS.

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San Diego Private School offering a premier academic and social-emotional program for students in kindergarten, elementary school, and middle school. TCPS students will experience a creative and dynamic academic experience which promotes individual success and a love for learning within a close-knit private school community. Our small class sizes, dedicated teachers, and creative academic program make TCPS the premier San Diego private school.


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