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Annual Giving

A good private school provides a challenging academic program which prepares students for higher education. A great private school does even more! A great private school, such as TCPS, not only provides a solid academic foundation, it also helps students develop the personal and interpersonal skills that will be vital to an individual's success in their career, their relationships, and their lives.

At TCPS, the Annual Giving Campaign plays a crucial role in helping each child discover and realize their full potential. Annual Giving allows us to offer the small class sizes that have helped TCPS become one of San Diego's best private schools. Our small class size of 14 students or less in our lower grades and 16 students or less in the upper grades enables our faculty the time and ability to develop relationships with each student. In this way, students know that they are individually known, appreciated, and cared for in a safe, nurturing environment.

What is Annual Giving?

Annual Giving directly supports TCPS' unique approach to teaching students the process of how to learn while developing personal skills such as how to be a student, how to be a leader, how to communicate effectively, how to be part of a team, and how to effectively resolve conflict. This combination of skills prepares our students to be effective in their future endeavors. As is the case with most private schools, TCPS receives no federal or state support. Tuition provides approximately 88% of the cost necessary to offer the comprehensive education program provided by TCPS. Monetary gifts given by our generous donors through Annual Giving help make up the remaining 12% not covered by tuition.

If there is a shortfall, why don't you raise tuition?

If tuition were increased, many families would not be able to afford to have their children attend TCPS. One of the guiding principles of TCPS is our desire to make a private school education affordable to as many families in San Diego as possible. We do not desire for tuition to become a prohibitive factor. Additionally, we believe that a diverse student body is an important part of our community. While cultural, ethnic, and religious diversity are important, we believe socio-economic diversity is important as well. For this reason, we strive to maintain a low tuition and offer a strong financial aid program. Finally, while gifts to Annual Giving are tax deductible, tuition payments are not.

What does the school do with the money it receives through Annual Giving?

The money raised through Annual Giving helps the school recruit and retain top quality staff, make library acquisitions, provide scholarships, upgrade our technology, and meet other day-to-day operating expenses. Over the past few years, gifts made through Annual Giving have enabled the school to purchase new laptops, upgrade our science lab, and provide a Middle School trip to Boston at no additional cost to our families.

Who Participates in Annual Giving?

Many people support TCPS through our Annual Giving Campaign. We receive gifts from current families, alumni and their families, grandparents, board members, staff, and special friends of TCPS.

How much should I give?

We believe your decisions on how to much to give is a personal one. Within our community, we have families and supporters that have the ability to make large gifts while others have the ability to make smaller gifts. There is no amount that is too much or too little. Every gift counts. We offer three donor clubs for our donors:

  • President's Club for Gifts of $1000 and higher
  • Director's Circle for Gifts of $500-$999
  • TCPS Patrons for Gifts of $1-499

Our goal is to have 100% participation from our current families and to increase the level of participation among our alumni and their families, grandparents, and friends of TCPS. Participation is important as many foundations and other funding sources consider participation when making award decisions regarding schools. You may be able to increase the impact of your gift by checking with your employer to see if they offer an employee matching program or would be interested in starting one.

How Do I Give?

Each fall, we send an Annual Giving letter to our families, alumni, grandparents, and our special friends. You may use the enclosed envelope to make your gift anytime during the year. Additionally, you may make your gift online by clicking the "Donate" button below.


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