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The first and second grade students at TCPS have been exploring magnets.  They have learned about the North and South poles and have been using the words ATTRACT and REPEL.

In the pictures below, students were participating in an activity titled “Through It All”.  Using a magnet and a paperclip, students went around the room to eight different stations.  They  discovered whether or not the magnet attracted the paperclip THROUGH the eights materials.

During the analysis portion (after the exploration), students shared they were amazed a magnet attracted through cardboard, the side of their shoes, and even fabric!

New Image

New Image5

New Image2

New Image3

New Image4\


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In preparing for their SeaPerch journey, the middle school students put their engineering skills to work to construct a device that would not sink nor float — it would FLINK.  To “flink” means to be neutrally buoyant: suspend in liquid.  The students were provided balloons, tape, paper clips, packing peanuts, pennies, and string…

We had a few successes–but overall, the groups worked together and communicated well to test and revise their devices.

Flinking 008 Flinking 001 Flinking 002 Flinking 003 Flinking 004 Flinking 005 Flinking 006 Flinking 007

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The second semester has started and all classes are now diving into the deep ocean water… We will be studying where the oceans came from, what makes up the salty water, currents, waves, and so much more!

Look for our middle school students and their journey with SeaPerch! Sea Perch is an underwater ROV built and then used to explore…

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Simple Machines… moving right along!

We are in the middle of our simple machines unit, and students are learning and interacting everyday with the machines and each other!

The fourth and fifth graders tested out MACHINE vs. HAND to make BUTTER!… Then, of course, enjoyed it with some bread and sugar.

Simple Machines 013

Simple Machines 014

Simple Machines 015

Simple Machines 016

Simple Machines 017

Simple Machines 018

Simple Machines 020

Simple Machines 021

Simple Machines 023


The middle school students tested out levers and the positioning of the fulcrum to lift a load.  They discovered the closer the fulcrum was to the effort force, the greater the amount of force was needed to tilt the lever.

Simple Machines 024

Simple Machines 025

Simple Machines 026


Fourth and fifth graders learned about the advantages of inclined planes.  The steepness of the board was increased and spring scales were used to test the force needed to lift an object.

Simple Machines 029

Simple Machines 033

Simple Machines 034



Simple Machines 035

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Simple Machines Day One!

The first and second graders are off to a successful start! They spent class time discovering simple machines today.
Simple Machines 012

Simple Machines 001

Simple Machines 002

Simple Machines 003

Simple Machines 004

Simple Machines 005

Simple Machines 006

Simple Machines 007

Simple Machines 008

Simple Machines 009

Simple Machines 010

Simple Machines 011


Love, Miss Hawthorne

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Forces, Motion, and Energy

The students at TCPS just wrapped up their unit on Forces, Motion, and Energy.  They spent six weeks learning about gravity, kinetic & potential energy, speed, and so much more…

Below are pictures that documented the fun (& learning) that occurred!


*4th graders timing bubble gum chewing to calculate the speed

Science 037


*7th graders hopping away!…

Science 042


*8th graders trying to catch up!

Science 051


*4th graders testing gravity

Science 055


*2nd grader working on “Blow Art” – used forces to paint a picture

Science 057


*Friction testing outside on the grass

Science 068


*Friction exploration in the classroom

Science 084


*Investigating potential energy (testing height of ramp and distance the cup moved)

Science 090


*Sticky Sneakers – experimenting with spring scales to test friction in Newtons

Science 091

Science 093


*Culmination group project on Isaac Newton’s Three Laws of Motion

Science 095

Science 096



-Miss Hawthorne

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First Couple of Weeks

These first couple weeks at TCPS have been a blast (for me and the students)!  I am settling in well and enjoying learning more about the school and students each day.  Here’s a look at what we have been doing in Science.

We have observed our classroom guinea pig, Albert, we used the metric system to measure our smiles, we discovered the importance of bare skin to the sense of touch, classified insects and spiders, and even made a rainbow!

Many more discoveries to come…

-Miss Hawthorne

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TCPS Periodic Table of Elements

All TCPS students grades 1-8 helped make our very own, wall-size, periodic table! Each student was assigned to research a different element(s) and then made a poster that showed the element block with all the acquired information they learned. When it was all put together, we had a wall that was color coded just like the real periodic table of elements!


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Chemical Reactions

The middle school students have been working hard the past four weeks to understand elements, why they bond and have now learned how they react. They did four mini experiments showing different chemical reactions and the four clues that differentiate a physical from a chemical change. They were explosively awesome!


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Rock on Petrology Unit

All students 1-8 learned about the three types of rock: sedimentary, igneous an metamorphic. For each type we learned what they mean, how they are formed and a few examples of each. As a way to demonstrate how they form, we made sedimentary sandwiches, chocolate igneous lava rocks and metamorphic marshmallows. The students loved to learn and watch their yummy “rocks” form!






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