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What parents are saying about TCPS

"Mrs. Risch,
I've been having a great year at SDHS! I recently turned in my final essay in english. A persuasive essay. I got..."

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What Parents are Saying about TCPS

Right arrow icon Absolutely the best school in San Diego.  Excellent academics coupled with outstanding social/emotional skills.  All the kids know each other as well as the teachers and staff and vice-versa.  People often tell me just how impressed they are with my son and I recently saw him sit in front of a group of my peers at a seminar and freely, comfortably communicate with 30+ adults articulately and easily - even I was impressed.  I've heard from other parents about cliques, criticisms (bullying) at other private schools.  At TCPS this is non-existent - everyone is not only respected but embraced for who they are.  Our only regret is that this is a K-8 school only.  I highly recommend this school to any parent who wants a fabulous education as well as a fabulous experience for their child.

- Anonymous TCPS Parent
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"Mrs. Risch,
I've been having a great year at SDHS! I recently turned in my final essay in english. A persuasive essay. I got it back and did very well on it. 98/100! :) I wanted to thank you for all of your help over the years. I'll be at graduation on Thursday and I'm looking forward to seeing everybody. See you then!"

- TCPS Graduate, 2011


Right arrow icon "This is a small school in which each child is respected as an individual and respects, appreciates, and accepts their classmates, as well.  The staff is inspiring and creative.  The kids uniformly love going to school.  Getting them to leave at the end of the day, however, can be more of a challenge.  My daughter has been challenged, stimulated, and taught as much about creativity, caring, and compassion as academics."
 - Anonymous
Right arrow icon "We've been at TCPS for 3 years and it is a gem. They do an outstanding job of balancing high quality academics with all important life skills: curiosity, responsibility, integrity, community building. The school is small and operates on a shoe string, but this is more than made up for by the richness of the interaction between students and teachers, across grades and between families. There's a great emphasis on kids' attaining knowledge first hand-- learning by doing. They begin doing basic research projects in kindergarten (really!). The teacher to student ratio is excellent and it's a good thing too because the place is packed with inquiring minds that are ready to learn."
Right arrow icon "My son LOVES this school! (How many 5th graders will tell you that?) And he is learning both academics AND how to study. He is involved in research projects, cross age projects, he has a specialized math, music, science, and Spanish teacher, and the school teaches values that I agree with (being inclusive, cooperative, letting failure lead to success, etc.) They value diversity among the students and parents. If you are looking for a school, you've GOT to check this one out. The campus is not much to look at, but remember what they say about books..."
- Anonymous
Right arrow icon "The Child's Primary School is a remarkable place. It truly is the best thing going in San Diego for elementary and middle school education. Within these walls, students are challenged academically and socially. The academic curriculum is rigorous and engaging. However, the more important strength of the school is the way they teach the students to be people of character. Lots of schools have 'character posters' around the campus. At T.C.P.S., these words are not hollow. Students who struggle with socially accepted behaviors are guided and encouraged to learn better, more peaceful ways to manage themselves. The expectations of integrity and hard work are equally high. My children are thriving and flourishing in this emotionally safe, academically challenging school."

- Anonymous
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San Diego Private School offering a premier academic and social-emotional program for students in kindergarten, elementary school, and middle school. TCPS students will experience a creative and dynamic academic experience which promotes individual success and a love for learning within a close-knit private school community. Our small class sizes, dedicated teachers, and creative academic program make TCPS the premier San Diego private school.


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