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Our Story

The Founders' Story
As told by Middle School students, Elisa and Alex

It was the year of 1979, and TCPS was not yet in existence. That would change, however, when Maggie Price, the interim head of a private school met Sherry Risch when she was interviewing for a teaching position. Though their relationship progressed professionally, little was yet known of the school they would one day create. Maggie left that school at the end of the year with new ideas about the future of her career beginning to sprout in her mind.

As Maggie began to explore her ideas for the future, the concept of starting her own school was impossible to ignore. Knowing the task of starting a school from scratch was too large for one person, she could think of no better partner than Sherry Risch. It was the middle of winter in 1982, and Maggie contacted Sherry to set up one of the most important meetings of their lives.

Maggie and Sherry nestled into Sherry's house one winter afternoon, and their meeting began. As their discussion of teaching methods and principles of learning progressed, the excitement in the air began to grow, and before they knew it, they were finishing one another's sentences. As arms flew with excitement, and their faces lit up with ideas, they passionately expressed the want for students to have a voice, and the child being primary. Before they knew it, and as the light in the room slowly faded into a winter night, The Child's Primary School was born.

Twenty-eight years later, their passion for teaching continues to inspire students, the same way they were inspired that winter day, sitting on Sherry's living room floor. Maggie and Sherry, now Kindergarten and Middle School teachers, are also the founders and principals of The Child's Primary School. On top of creating a school of their dreams, Maggie and Sherry have fostered a life long friendship and a community of learning.

The Original TCPS Class
The First TCPS Class

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San Diego Private School offering a premier academic and social-emotional program for students in kindergarten, elementary school, and middle school. TCPS students will experience a creative and dynamic academic experience which promotes individual success and a love for learning within a close-knit private school community. Our small class sizes, dedicated teachers, and creative academic program make TCPS the premier San Diego private school.


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